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CC Weekly News Recap – 11th-17th June 2012

So a lot of stuff happened this week, I guess. We headed to Supanova Sydney 2012 and I got very ‘hands on’ with absolutely everyone. We also wrapped up our coverage of E3. Other than that you know, news and those other things called reviews. Oh and Anime Say is back bastards, check it out and check me out. Hello and Goodbye.

Here what made headlines this week:

Gaming News:
Microsoft Kills Another Conference
E3 2012 Photos
Nintendo Wii U E3 2012 Impressions
Dead or Alive 5 Interview
Pikmin 3 will not feature online multiplayer
Epic Mickey 2 E3 2012 Hands-On Preview
Kirby 20th Anniversary Compilation Games Revealed
Resident Evil 6 E3 2012 Hands-On Preview
Tomb Raider E3 2012 Hands-On Preview
EA literally are stealing your money
EB Games reveals Project Gamer
Borderlands 2 E3 2012 Hands-On Preview
Mugen Souls Interview
Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament at Supanova Sydney 2012

Pop Culture News:
Venom Movie Details Discussed
First Dredd Poster Revealed
Tokyo International Film Festival Details Revealed
Supanova Sydney 2012: Hayden Panettiere cancels, Alfie Allen to the rescue
Mercedes McNab Supanova Sydney 2012 Panel Details
Suzie Plakson Supanova Sydney 2012 Panel Details
AWF at Supanova Sydney 2012 featuring Verne Troyer
Tricia Helfer Interview Supanova 2012
Tony Moore Supanova Sydney 2012 Talk Details
Nicola Scott Supanova Sydney 2012 Talk Details

Anime/Manga News:
ADV sues Funimation for ‘Illegal Monopolization’
Zakuro anime now available by NIS America
Otaku USA replaces Shonen Jump in Walmart
Is This A Zombie? English Dub Cast Revealed
SuBLime’s Summer Manga Releases
Gintama: The Movie premieres at Supanova Sydney
Media Blasters cancels first blu-ray release of Bakuman
Madman Supanova Sydney 2012 Announcements
Madman Cosplay Competition Supanova Sydney 2012
Stephanie Nadolny Supanova Sydney 2012 Panel Details
Vic Mignogna Supanova Sydney 2012 Panel Details

Tech/Gadget News:
Razer Blade out now in Singapore
LXUA 2 Adds Three New Products to Line-Up
Incase Releases Shepard Fairey Portfolio

Resistance: Burning Skies Review
Dead City Review
Ben10: Samurai Warrior Review
Junk Jack Review
Arrietty Review
Tyrannosaur Review
Akai Katana Review
TNA Slammiversary X Review

CC Anime Episode 07 – Spring on the Slope
Anime Say! Episode 11 – Hello Again! Toonami Returns
CC Powerslam #7 – No Way Out Predictions

See you next Sunday for the CC Weekly Recap.

Luke Halliday
Luke Halliday
Senior Editor & Anime Specialist