LXUA2 Adds Three New Products to Line

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LUXA2 announced the addition of three new products to their catalogue. The iPhone 4/4s are getting two new cases. The first case is the Icicle iPhone 4/4s case. These are semi translucent cases available in a multitude of colours. The Icicle iPhone 4/4s cases are flexible and slim cases that are only 1mm thick and are available in pink, yellow, green, and orange. The Diamond iPhone 4/4s case is made with the same material and design as the Icicle case, but instead of a chevron pattern on the case, the case has a diamond pattern and is available in a white smoke and brown.

The last product is the Color Aluminium Home Button Sticker. The sticker uses 3M adhesive to stick to your home button. The sticker is made from high grade aluminium and is available in blue, orange, red, black, silver, blue, and two shades of purple. These stickers come in three packs and helps prevent the home button from wearing out. These products will soon hit your local retailers shelves. No prices have been announced.

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