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Capsule Computers is the center of community focused video game news, reviews, and entertainment. We provide a community unlike any other online and offline.
With over 25 years of experience, Capsule Computers supplies what gamers need: news, reviews, interviews, guides, podcasts, videos, and, most important of all, a location to come together. Together gamers can learn about the latest in games, movies, TV shows, technology, and anime.

The Capsule Computers Community

Unlike other portals or gaming sites, Capsule Computers is here for the gamer/entertainment/anime fan. We know what the fans want and provide what fans need.

Community Focused

Capsule Computers brings together and provides a central location for gamers and entertainment buffs to meet other one another and learn about any of their favorite games, TV Shows, Anime or Tech Gadgets within a captivating environment.

Quality Driven

Deep passion for the industry provides Capsule Computers with a foundation of quality that can be seen in our up to date news, informative reviews, and events held for the community.

Multi Regional

With editors located all around the world; we always have someone available to provide news, answer questions, or even join in to play a video game with over Xbox Live, PSN, Steam or Game Center.

24/7 Reporting

Capsule Computers is always awake and always providing new content. Being a multi-regional site allows us to utilize different time zones to ensure someone is always awake and providing for the community.


Reviews, trailers, and guides for a wide range of entertainment titles (games, movies, TV shows, anime, technology)

Exclusive interviews, videos, and screenshots provide a steady stream of alluring content.

An endless stream of news provided by an experienced team of editors who know what gamers want.

Community involvement with user comments, forums, game nights, competitions, and prizes.


The Capsule Computers Numbers (fully detailed media kit available upon request)

Capsule Computers continues to attract more people from locations around the world who have a growing desire for news about games, movies, TV Shows, anime, and technology, up to date information, and comprehensive guides.

Capsule Computers appeals most to users who are under the age of 35. Our audience are frequently males between the ages of 18-24, have no children, and are college educated.


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