Oli Delgaram-Nejad

Oli is a creative writing student, drummer, Pink Floyd nut and avid gamer. You can often find him amidst a pile of PC parts or perched questionably on a drum stool.

Eurogamer Expo 2013: UK Gaming Convention Dates, Location and Admission Confirmed

So the dates are now out for the 2013 Eurogamer Expo which is to be held in Earl’s Court, London, in the UK. This year’s event will be a chance to hit the showroom floor and try out several of this Christmas’ and New Year’s most anticipated titles. Not only this, but you can also drop in on the ‘developer sessions’ to watch TED style presentations on the industry’s most exciting new de...

Greenlight Spotlight: “The Legend” – PC Survival Horror from Elder Productions

So Elder Productions have been cooking something up lately that looks… tasty to say the least.  It’s called The Legend and from what I can tell, it’s going to be beautifully terrifying. According to the development team, this free to play first person horror experience uses the latest Crytek engine (CryEngine 3) and, as you can see from the stills, the use of lighting (and the abundant lack ofR...

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