Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 012 – Hail to the King

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On our post E3 2011 show the cast gets into what they’ve been playing, talk about the weeks game news, then discuss the backlash Duke Nukem Forever has been getting and talk about the difficulties that the Wii U will face. Also, find out what to expect in the coming week at Capsule Computers.

Cast: Alexis Ayala, Travis Bruno, Jed Bradshaw, Adam Tabor

Music by Christopher Voss

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All music for this podcast, by Christopher Voss

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Stories covered in this podcast:

Game Developers in Australia Get support from the Government

Game Republic Appears to be No More

No DVD or Blu-Ray Play for Wii U

Crytek: Next Xbox to Debut at E3 2012, Timesplitters 4 in the Works

Nintendo Brings Game Boy Classic Donkey Kong ’94 to the 3DS

Darksiders 2 Combat Shown Off, Looks like God of War

L.A. Noire “Nicholson Extroplating” DLC

3DS Updates: Donkey Kong ’94, Ridge Racer

PopCap Auctions Art for Charity

Mortal Kombat DLC: Skarlet Bio and free Cyborg Skins, June 21. Rain Coming

Metal Gear Solid Too Old for HD?

LulzSec Brings Down Escapist, Eve Online, Minecraft, League of Legends

Zelda Four Swords Free on DSiWare

Bungie is 20, Gives us Free App. Hints at Bungie Aerospace

Gamers Watching More Movies on Their 360’s

3DS Reaches 1 Million Sales in Japan

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