Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 005 – FINISH HIM !!

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This week, the Capsule Computers crew consisting of MasterAbbott, Matt, Dustin and Ben start out the news section with a bang.  Mortal Kombat has been banned in Australia.  Never fear though.  We are here to rally the troops and help you get in the action to change gaming history by fighting censorship – Can we break this DEADLY ALLIANCE ?? Or will there be ARMAGEDDON !!

Other than that, we also have exclusive coverage of the recently concluded Armageddon Expo. Reviews of Bulletstorm, Alien Breed and Killzone 3 are also talked about.  Are you ready to dive in and learn all about the latest news & reviews?

Also, don’t be doomed to a boring week; watch out for a sur-PRIZE code during the ‘cast!

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Links to the articles mentioned in the podcast:

Armageddon Expo!:


Mortal Kombat is banned!  Petition coming soon!

Catherine. Will it come to the West?


Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan:

de Blob 2:

Alien Breed 1 & 2:

Dreamcast Collection:

Killzone 3 Review:

Bulletstorm Review:

Bejewled Blitz Review:


Steel Driver:

Dead Space 2 DLC:

Beyond Good & Evil HD:

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