How was Armageddon Expo 2011? The Fans Let Us Know

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So those who did go should know how it was already but if you were just wondering how others felt or maybe if you didn’t go and are wondering what is there and if it’s worth going to next year you should really read below.

I totally enjoyed myself at Armageddon and I loved the stalls and people there but don’t take only my word for it. I interviewed some friendly people at the convention and here are the results: 

1.       What did you come to Armageddon for?

  • ‘To cosplay and hang out with friends’ –Aura
  • ‘To buy merchandise to furnish my room’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘Anime + Games’ – Daniel
  • ‘Hang out with friends, Cosplay and visit rooster teeth stall’ – Spike
  • ‘Fun’- Matt 

2.       How have you liked this convention?

  • ‘It’s been good’ – Aura
  • ‘Most enjoyable’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘I think it’s pretty good so far’ – Daniel
  • ‘Eh…8/10’ – Spike
  • ‘Great venue, good stalls.’ – Matt 


3.       What was the best thing about this convention?

  • ‘Being with friends and cheap anime’ – Aura
  • ‘Rooster teeth, and to meet them’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘Magic cards tournament’ – Daniel
  • ‘RvB Press event’ – Spike
  • ‘Nerdy Stuff’ – Matt 

4.       What was the worst thing about this convention?

  • ‘Waking up at 6.30am’ – Aura
  • ‘I have to go home’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘People wearing things that should not be seen by public. My eyes!’ – Daniel
  • ‘Long lines… and the temptation to buy tonnes of stuff’ – Spike
  • ‘Parking Ticket Price’ – Matt 


5.       What do you think of the price of the ticket?

  • ‘Good’ – Aura
  • ‘Slightly too expensive. If it were free it would be more accessible, as enough revenue would be gained from merchandise sales’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘Meh, not too expensive, but not cheap either’ – Daniel
  • ‘Fine actually’ – Spike
  • ‘Fair’ – Matt 

6.       What do you think about the venue?

  • ‘Good’ – Aura
  • ‘Well accommodating, good enough sure for the event and crowd capacity’– Michael Fleming
  • ‘Wish the trains were running here today, the dome is very round.’ – Daniel
  • ‘Appropriate’ – Spike
  • ‘Hard to get to. Expensive Parking’ – Matt  

7.       How was this convention compared to other conventions?

  • ‘Good but Supanova is better’ – Aura
  • ‘Not much different, but this is cool, because it is the experience that I pay for.’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘Better’- Daniel
  • ‘Better than anima, not as good as supernova’- Spike
  • ‘Good’- Matt 


8.       What was your favourite stall?

  • ‘Anime Bargain Basement’ – Aura
  • ‘Zombster’– Michael Fleming
  • ‘Rooster Teeth’ – Spike
  • ‘Magic Cards Store’ – Matt  

9.       What was your favourite moment of the convention?

  • ‘Getting it on by the grim reaper’ – Aura
  • ‘Talking to the people from Zombster to find out about their models’ – Michael Fleming
  • ‘Meeting Rooster Teeth’ – Spike

Thanks to all the fans for sharing their comments about Armageddon.  If you also attendeded the Expo leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of it.

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