Play Darkside Chronicles Early and Join Us For a Resident Evil Trivia Night

Info provided by Capcom Unity We still have a few slots available for the trivia event in New York tonight at 6PM EST for Resident Evil. Join us for a night of drinks, trivia, and a special preview of the upcoming Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles! The original message is below: Are you a trivia buff? Fan of Resident Evil and zombies? In honor of the approach of Halloween and the upcoming lau...

Mentos + Resident Evil = …

Well that got your attention. Check out this funny Resident Evil Zero Mentos video / commerical made by Fans over at CLICK HERE  

EB Games Tekken 6 Competition – ENTER NOW !!!

Bring the Iron Fist Tournament to life with this special edition Tekken 6 statuette!. EB Games Australia are holding this great chance to win these life-sized Tekken statues.  To enter click in the link below and answer the following question to go into the draw for this AWESOME prize! Which Tekken 6 character would you most like to FIGHT with and why? Click here to ENTER competition

Capsule Computers Twitter PoP Quiz sponsored by Com2us finished

Last night Capsule Computers ran a Twitter PoP Quiz for Apple iPhone/iTouch game codes donated to us by the great people over at Com2us. It was a great lots of people played and I believe was a great success.  Anyone who missed out.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do another one really soon. Just make sure you follow Capsule Computers on Twitter and check back here on a daily basis. Thanks once a...

Chris Redfield and Zombie Join Growing Resident Evil Cubee Army

A while ago I posted off Cubee’s to create the awesome Leon and Claire Cubees, they were a great succcess.  NOW Capcom-Europe has just revealed the 2nd set of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles characters from their partnership with Cubeecraft: Chris Redfield and a standard Resident Evil zombie from Code Veronica. Both of these will make a nice addition to the growing Resident Evil Cubee...

Running Capsule Computers Competitions

Don’t forget we have 3 running competitions still going at the moment. Simply click on the Competition Tab on the right  hand side =====> Read each article and then leave a comment related to each competition. Make sure you enter and also follow us on Twitter as well (once we have 500 Twitter followers, one lucky Twitt .. will win a code )

500 Twitter followers = 1 Free Xbox Live Arcade Game !!

Winning a Xbox Live Arcade Game could be as easy as following Capsule Computers. Click on the Follow us on Twitter icon on the right. And keep on checking the blog as well as Twitter for your chance to win a Xbox Live Arcade game. Once Capsule Computers reaches 500 followers we will give one lucky follower a Xbox Live Arcade game. So spread the word and keep on following and reading the blog. And ...

Create Your Own Leon and Claire Cubees

Capcom Europe have partnered up with and have just put up these incredibly cute Leon and Claire papercraft patterns in celebration of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles so that anyone can create their very own little Leon and Claire. You can download the patterns here.

Interview with Xbox Live Community Manager Trixie360 & MORE !!

Capsule Computers recently spoke to and interviewed Microsoft Xbox Live Community Manager Trixie360.  Trixie does a fantastic job at running and maintaining the Xbox Live Community.  Capsule Computers would like to thank Trixe for taking the time from her busy schedule in answering these questions about herself and what she does over at Xbox Live.  – Interview with Trixie360: Capsule Compute...

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