Event Cinemas George St. Holding Call of Duty: Ghosts Tournament

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As if Event Cinemas George St. wasn’t already everyone’s favourite cinema in Sydney, now they are holding video game tournaments?! That’s right, all of you Call of Duty fanatics (Ghosts, specifically) can earn some cash and bragging rights, playing on a giant Vmax screen!

The 1 vs 1 tournament will be contested under round robin rules, with 32 participants needed. The tourney commences on Saturday, October 4 from 10:30pm until 4:30am. It costs only $10 to enter (RSVP to [email protected] , with a grand prize of $250 in cash and $70 for the runner-up. So, rock up on the night and prove yourself. Oh, and the PlayStation 4 version will be played, so all you PC “master race” gamers who can’t shoot for jack on console (ahem, Destiny, ahem), you better step off or step up your game. I mean, when someone shoots a gun in real life, do they pull a trigger or click a button?


I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

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  1. just wondering how you register for the cod tournament on at george st

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