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Square Enix showcases stellar PSP line-up for 2011

Sydney, Australia (8 December 2010) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in PAL territories, today announces further details on four exclusive titles for the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system that will be released for the console throughout Autumn 2011 in Australia and New Zealand

Kratos does Mortal Kombat- but only on the PS3

This is one for just the Playstation fanboys - platform local, Kratos the undead Spartan God of war, is dropping in to the arena, and Scorpion and Sub-Zero better look out! Thanks to an early leak of the January edition of the Official Playstation Magazine we can tell you that (not surprisingly, Kratos will be an exclusive and un-lockable playable character.

Super Meat Boy on steroids- Box Art revealed

We kid you not. Created by Dave Rapoza, what you are looking at is the box art for the limited edition PC version of Super Meat Boy. One of the most successful arcade games this year, SMB is being printed on disk for a full retail release, and although the box art may be... misleading, either way you will be playing as a rippling hunk of chunk, no matter how big.

RUSH Beta PC Review

Thanks to our friends at Two Tribes, we had the chance to play the beta of their new game RUSH, probably before most people even knew it was out. Unlike previous Indi games Two Tribes have aimed for an accessible, gentle logic puzzler that combines 3D with an addictive pick up and play title adapted from their Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy Game of the Wii, that perhaps though, doesn't fully live up to it'...

Homefront too close for comfort- Dev Diary II

In a case of life imitating art, i don't think anyone at Kaos Studios could have imagined that the escalating tension in Korea at the moment would be spot on for a future FPS due out next year. Set in the (very) near future, the second Development Diary outlines a number of new features in the game, including the in game economy, vehicles and objectives

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Xbox 360 review

Cops and Robbers is a pretty basic premise for a game, or in this case Cops and Racers, but it is one that Criterion games have taken to heart, forgetting past mistakes of the Need for Speed series and taking it back to basics, in a series of increasingly stressful races that demand that need for speed. It is also Criterions first foray into real life existing cars over arcade simulations so for t...

The Human Revolution goes viral- site now live

This article contains image spoilers Welcome to Sarif Industries, home of the future revolution and otherwise viral marketing website to Deus Ex : Human Revolution. The site went live only in the last 2 days in a very sneaky attempt to drum up some interest in one of the sexiest games of 2011. Fake news sites ,are nothing new with Bioshock 2 a shocker this year, even planting fake evidence around ...

343 out of ideas; Decides to remake Halo

You have to love the smell of rumors in the morning: This one that 343 studios is re-making the original Halo >sic< Combat Evolved. $10.00 says they call it Halo: Combat re-evolved or something like that, no money for guessing if I pick it up or not (yes , I will sigh). Scuttlebutt seems to think that this new new (new) Halo will arrive as early as this time next year (2011).

Spike VGA head into Uncharted waters

Even more serious are the rumours that Uncharted III is debuting at the VGA awards, which is not much of a surprise really when the likes of Cliffy B couldn't keep his big mouth shut (about Gears 3). Infact, considering Gears is a XBOX360 exclusive, they would have to be dumb not to showcase the man that is Nathan Drake.

Supanova heats up Australia with Cosplay Championships

Thought Monday, was a slow news day then think again: Our friends over at Supernova HQ have dropped us a line about the just past Cosplay Championships from the weekend! Yes, if you happen to be in Australia, specifically Brisbane QLD then you may have noticed a few quirky dressed guys and gals around town. Cosplay `aint just for Animae anymore.

Duke Nukem – Live and reloaded (again)

Do you like kicking ass, preferably while chewing gum? Are you still stuck in an early 90s' tirade of crew cuts and tanks tops; then keep your eyes on this post! 30 of the hardest working modders are already pulling apart the Unreal SDK to rebuild Duke Nukem 3D from the ground up; and now the fruit of those loins has gone live:

Pro Tips for Unreal Editing: Making your game

So you want to make your own game; maybe the next Gears of War or Unreal Tournament. Youv'e just downloaded Epic Games Developer Kit for Unreal Engine 3.0 and now you're stuck, staring at a blank bunch of windows and some test maps. How the heck do you do anything!

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