Capsule Computers Podcast Episode 017 – Footy

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This week we talk about how Capcom has shoved their foot deep down their mouth, what games we’d like to see turned into a movie, how everyone is jealous of Irvo going to the Mana Bar opening, what we’ve been playing and some game news.

Cast: Alexis Ayala, Philip Federico, Dustin Spencer, Matt Vella, Michael Irving, Luke Halliday

Music by MADLABS & The J. Arthur Keens Band

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All music for this podcast, by MADLABS & The J. Arthur Keens Band

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Stories covered in this podcast:

Oz Gets 18+ Rating?!

Australia Winter of Arcade

Irvo Goes to Mana Bar Opening. Staff is Jealous.

Gamecube on Wii U Virtual Console

Old Republic Hardware Specs

Poison, Dhalsim and Yoshimitsu in Street Figher X Tekken

Mortal Kombat Comic Con Panel

Space Invaders Attack Hollywood

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