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Poison will be playable in Street Fighter x Tekken; along with Dhalsim and Yoshimitsu

Today at Comic-Con Capcom has been quite generous with revealing new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken. They have released four new characters today which brings the total revealed character list up to around 20 so far. Two characters revealed are from the Street Fighter series while the other two are from Tekken.

Tekken characters revealed were Steve and Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu is a great inclusion into the series, which brings his total game shows up to three with Tekken, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Steve is a decent addition to the series but not as high profile as Yoshimitsu.

On the Street Fighter side of things Dhalsim has been confirmed to be in the game, as the trailer below shows him in combat against other fighters. Dhalsim has been in nearly every Street Fighter game so this is also no surprise. What is a huge surprise however is that Capcom has revealed that Poison will be a fighter in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Those who do not know who Poison is, he/she is a enemy from the Final Fight series and has shown up as the manager of Hugo in Street Fighter III. She has never been an available fighter until now, but her transsexual self is going to be fully playable in the game when it is released around March 2012. She even was given a whole cinematic reveal which you can watch below the combat trailer.


Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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