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Retailers Give Duke Nukem Forever a Release Date

The Duke Nukem Forever official site is now linking to stores where you can pre-order the game. What else? Those retailers are also listing a release date for the longly awaited title of February 1, 2011. Gearbox has not yet confirmed the release date but one thing is for sure, Duke Nukem Forever is finally around the corner. Check out our previous coverage of the game.

Dragon Age Ultimate Edition Announced

Dragon Age is one of the RPG greats of this generation. If you’ve been on the fence, for whatever reason, about getting the game, well here’s your chance to get everything in one package. This Ultimate Edition will come with every piece of DLC, even the recent Witch Hunt, and contain the expansion, Awakening. Buying everything seperately, as it currently stands, would cost $114. Dragon...

Dead or Alive: Dimensions 3DS Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming Dead or Alive 3DS title.

Impressive Star Trek Model in Minecraft

Minecraft. Have you heard of it? If you have, it’s probably been from some blog post showing off some crazy structure someone built in the game. This time, the structure is jaw-dropping. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The Ball Preview

The Ball is an indie adventure puzzle game that you probably hadn’t heard of. I’ll be glad to fix that. The Ball started out as a Unreal Tournament 3 mod and moved up to become an actual product. To set up the story, you take control of an archeologist in Mexico. Some things go wrong and you’re now stuck in an underground cave with no choice but to move forward, eventually stumbl...

Buy Katamari Art for Fundraiser

Love it or hate it, Katamari is certainly fun to look at. Portland, OR comic shop, Floating World Comics, has started a fundraiser where they sell Katamari art. The art isn’t actually from the game or from the games’ artists, but they still look fantastic and I want them all. You can view and bid on the art over at eBay, but you’ll have to pry them out of my hands first.

Able Planet’s NC300B Review

Sound is an important part of just about anything. Sound quality is something you don’t cherish until you hear it from top notch speakers. The kind folks at Able Planet we kind enough to send their NC300B model my way and I was rather impressed with what it offered. Able Planet’s NC300B headphones are all about noise cancellation with clean, crisp sound. To run down some of the specs, ...

Team ICO Collection Details

It was recently confirmed at TGS that Team ICO will be releasing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on one disc, in high definition, for Playstation 3. Soon after the confirmation, the team then gave more details as to what the collection will include. Both games have been revamped to run at a constant 30 frames-per-second, along with a lot of re-texturing so they look as nice a possible. ICO will als...

PS3 Firmware 3.50 Coming Sept. 21

Coming only two weeks after the release of firmware update 3.42, Sony announced that 3.50 is right around the corner. If you don’t have any 3D Blu-ray movies, or more importantly a 3D capable TV, then this update will be of no use for you. Firmware update 3.50 is adding 3D Blu-ray movie support for your console. Even though the September 21 date was only announced for the Japanese region, ot...

The Last Guardian Coming Holiday 2011

During Sony’s conference at the Tokyo Game Show, they finally let word out that the highly anticipated The Last Guardian will be on store shelves holiday 2011. This is Team ICO’s third project, first one on Playstation 3. The Last Guardian features a young boy and a large creature named Toriko. The game will be an action adventure title with an emphasis on companionship.

Rumor: Muramasa and Odin Sphere Getting HD Ports

Following the confirmation of the HD ports of Shadow of the Colossus and ICO, 1UP claim to have it on good authority that Muramasa and Odin Sphere will be getting the same treatment. According to the report, sources in Japan are saying Vanillaware is getting ready to release the two games as downloadable titles, rumored for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Seeing Muramasa and Odin Sphere ...

Phantasy Star Online 2 Revealed at TGS

Exciting announcements have been spilling out of Tokyo all throughout the day, but this one seemed to have come out of left field. Phantasy Star Online 2 was revealed during Sega’s live stream of their part of the show. The trailer shows how Phantasy Star has evolved over the many years, ramping up to the announcement of PSO2. The game is said to be out next year on PC. Lobby races, anyone?

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