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Well well, would you look at us approaching the big 007.  It seems crazy to me too, but nevertheless, Phil, Matt, Dustin, Link and Travis bring you this week’s heaping spoonful of awesome.   Plus, we managed to stop Matt from talking about Mortal Kombat… mostly anyways.  Achievement unlocked! (insert bling sound here)

Look out for a review of Double Dragon on the iPhone and reviews of Pokemon Black & White.  We also touch on the de Blob 2 and we have news of a Wolverine anime. In addition, we have some very good news about Catherine and we get very excited about Nintendo.  There is just something about them…  😉 Enjoy!  If you have any questions or suggestions send us an email over at



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List of links to the articles we mentioned in the show:

Bungie MMO:

Beyond Good and Evil HD:

MLB 2K11

Yoostar 2:

King’s Quest:

Pixeljunk Shooter 2:

Mortal Kombat:

We Dare:

Nintendo 3DS:


Wolverine Anime:

Double Dragon:

Pokemon Black & White:

de Blob 2:


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