Gamestop List new 3DS Bundles priced at $300…

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Gamestop appear to be preparing for the Nintendo 3DS launch and have now listed three “bundles” for $299.97 on their website. These are not really actual “bundles” though, as they are just made up of the system, a case, and a launch title. What is more interesting about this story is the titles used for this assortment. Street Fighter IV & Samurai Warriors Chronicles are the games that will be sold with Street Fighter coming with both the Black & Aqua Blue system, and Samurai Warriors with the black console. These are probably the two biggest names for the launch, but it strikes me as odd a bit that Nintendogs + Cats are not seeing the same treatment due to the titles being first party.

There really isn’t too much else to say about these 3DS bundles really, as the price is only around $5 under current MSRP for everything together. If you had plans on grabbing a 3DS with one of these titles though, I guess it couldn’t hurt to get a cheap case on the side by saving a little bit of money in the process.

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