Race for the stars as Mario Kart Tour heads to Los Angeles

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For the past year, the free-to-start Mario Kart Tour game for smartphones has welcomed thrill-seeking racers to a variety of recognizable locations inspired byfamous real-world spots. This month, everyone’s officially invited to cruise on through the City of Angels in the new Los Angeles Tour event, which is available to play now and runs until Oct. 6 at 10:59 p.m. PT.

While LA may be known for its bumper-to-bumper traffic, you can leave those worries behind as you whip your in-game kart past Santa Monica Pier. Or get some true circuit training and flex your skills when you rip through Muscle Beach. With enough practice and luck, you can turn the home of the stars into the home of the Grand Stars.

During the first week of the Los Angeles Tour, you’ll find Mario (Sunshine), the Surf Sailer kart and the Starchute glider in the spotlight for some true fun under the sun. The special item for Mario (Sunshine) is the Giant Banana. Finding one could finally be your big break, so deploy it strategically to help you peel away from the pack.

In week two of the Los Angeles Tour, you might want to bring your kongas to the beachside drum circle. You’ll find Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, the Bolt Buggy kart, the Offroader kart, the Pink Flower glider and the Banana Wingtip glider all in the spotlight. Dixie Kong’s special item for the week is Triple Bananas. That’s a whole throng of Kongs and a bunch of bananas!

If you’re a first-time racer or it’s been awhile since you’ve drifted around some corners, Mario Kart Tour has continued to add features since its launch, so it’s a great time to join the fun. The game now features real-time multiplayer with your friends, people nearby or competitors around the world. Landscape mode is another addition that gives you the option to drive whichever way suits your style best.

A Nintendo Account, a persistent online connection and a compatible smartphone are required to play Mario Kart Tour. For more information about Mario Kart Tour, visit https://mariokarttour.com/en-US or follow the Mario Kart Tour Twitter page. For more information about Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass features, visit https://mariokarttour.com/en-US/goldpass.

As they say in LA, “Your ticket to the stars awaits!”

–Your friends at Nintendo

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