Dragon Ball Kai Buu, Super Dub and New Game Hinted by Sean Schemmel

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Popular voice actor Sean Schemmel, best known for his role as Goku in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z and GT, has revealed some insider information on future projects during a recent Q&A session at Bristol Comic Con over the weekend. Sean spoke about a new game, a possible time frame for the Super dub as well as his work on the Buu Saga dub for the Dragon Ball anime.

When asked by an audience member if he had heard any news on a Xenoverse 2 game yet, Sean answered with

“I do think there is going to be…I can’t confirm it yet but Chris (Sabat, the producer of the Dragon Ball Z dub) called me and said there’s gonna be a game coming out, I’m thinking there’s going to be some DLC or maybe another Xenoverse game I wouldn’t be surprised. Xenoverse was so successful the publishing company would be stupid not to make another one just for the sake of the money.”


The game in question could be the recently announced 3DS game Dragon Ball Fusion, however that is still a while away from release in Japan and has no International release confirmation as of yet. It’s also a 3DS title which mean it’s likely to have no voice acting or just retain the Japanese voices as was the case with Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden.

Sean then expanded on this answer about Xenoverse 2 to talk about Dragon Ball Super.

“I think that’s coming and I think Dragon Ball Super should happen this year. We don’t have a contract yet but Chris called me the other day and said I think this might be happening soon. Funimation has been working hard since late last year to go to Japan and secure… Just because we have Z doesn’t mean the Japanese are gonna go OK you can have Super. It’s the whole process of lawyers meeting and talking about money and shows and whose gonna air it and what money they get for it and they have to work all that out before they call the cast members and say here’s a contract. But my guess and this is totally speculative, I’m hoping we’ll have something out in July and at the very worst case scenario August or September for school. Definitely before Christmas I’m hoping because I need a job.”


We also got more information on the completion of the redub for the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Kai, which still has no official confirmation of being in production despite many voice actors letting it be known they have been working on the project for a while, including this recent reveal from Sean Schemmel.

“We were just recording something for Dragon Ball Kai maybe about 10 months ago… I’m not supposed to tell you this but we got done recording Resurrection F last year and everyone recorded on the Buu Saga but me, and I just wrapped up recording the Buu saga probably about 6 weeks ago, so I’m done. It’s done it’s gonna get released. Everyone else has recorded they have to mix it and print it and whatever but you will get the Buu saga at some point…it’s gonna happen.”


So it seems the Buu saga dub may have been done for a while now but took a break to record the Resurrection F which Sean admitted he had recorded all of his lines for in just 2 days. Perhaps they are waiting to acquire the license to dub Dragon Ball Super before releasing it but apparently all the recording is done.

Interestingly Schemmel also said their was a rumor of a third movie, however I can’t say how much weight this holds. You can check out the full interview below.

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