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Stellar Blade – Gameplay

As EVE we begin our attempt to take back the planet from the mysterious Naytiba that have destroyed the planet only to find out that some of humanity has managed to survive against even the increasingly strange and powerful alien-like creatures in the incredibly stylish Stellar Blade.

From the crumbling buildings of Xion, to the vast Wasteland and Great Desert beyond, journey to breathtaking science fiction-inspired environments, brought to life by the graphical power of PS5.

A once bustling metropolis, Xion is now populated by a scattering of human survivors, many in dire need of EVE’s help. Its streets, alleys and piazzas are filled with rusting relics and malfunctioning machines. Naytiba lurk around every corner. And outside the city limits, the sinister wilderness that stretches far into the distance is every bit as dangerous…

Battle through this semi-open world on your way to EVE’s next objective, or leave the beaten track to tackle side quests, scavenge items, and uncover more of the intriguing secrets behind Earth’s downfall.

Stellar Blade
Developer: SHIFT UP Corporation
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
Platform: PlayStation 5
Release Date: 26th April, 2024
Price: $79.99 USD

Available here – https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/stellar-blade/


Recommended – Stellar Blade combines slick and challenging action combat with an engrossing, albeit not wholly original, story wrapped together in a gorgeous package with plenty of optional eye-candy.”

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