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Herokon Online Summons New High-Level Areas and Group Dungeons


Since the latest Thorwal update for Herokon Online, developer Silver Style Studios has expanded the MMORPG browser with new high-level areas and group dungeons. Herokon Online resides in Aventuria, the world of The Dark Eye, that follows an extraordinary story with deep and meaningful quests for the hero.

Bodir Valley, south of Thorwal, is an area home to Throwalians that once served as a farmland and transportation route to the Gulf of Prem, although now Bodir Road is slowly decaying. Whilst Daspota, the former pirate den, was once the scourge of the Gulf of Prem before Tronde Torbenson captured it more than twenty years ago. However, Thorwalians stationed there as merchants and traders seem to have forgotten their peaceful veneers and secretly taken up piracy again.


The Cursed Goblin Cave, near the city of Baliho, welcomes brave heroes (level 25+) to utilise their treasure hunting skills in the subterranean challenge. As a group, players must pass through the goblin zombies and zombie boars on guard to conquer the cave and its cursed secret.

In addition, the are several new features now available for Herokon Online;

  • Two exciting adventures: “The Secret of the Deed” and “Hidden in the Swamp”
  • Two new enemy types
  • New rewards for heroic deeds and inviting friends
  • New Heroic Deed menu: rewards can be collected whenever you want
  • Chat client now features separate tabs for individual conversations


Don’t miss out on this free-to-play magical adventure, join Herokon Online here and discover a truly unique role-playing game!