It Came! #2 Preview

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We are absolutely loving the influx of new comics coming out, not only do we love their releases but we love that you all out there are loving them! There’s a lot of love to spread! The next preview we have is for the comic bookIt Came!” Issue #2. “It Came!” is an old-school style, sci-fi comic book that takes a lot of it’s inspiration from the very old, very low budget science fiction movies that the world once enjoyed, well Dan Boultwood (Writer and Author of It Came!) still enjoys that kind of thing and he’s figured out a way to make that kind of thing awesome again for all of us. If you’re not too sure about what exactly “It Came!” is, we have the Official Synopsis of the comic here:

The alien robot known as GRURK has been temporarily waylaid by industrial quantities of bunting, but its inexorable march towards London cannot be stopped! In the village of Trumpington Abbey, space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his lady-assistant Doris Night (a lady) welcome the arrival of the British Army – but do the soldiers herald a heightened level of competence… or a right royal Carry On? And what part does a field-full of mouldy turnips have to play in the enfolding cosmic drama?!


The comic book is published by Titan Comics and will be available on the 11th of September, that’s tomorrow and will sell for $3.99 so start getting excited! The comic is in beautiful full colour and is illustrated in a way that is just as beautiful. This will be issue 2 of 4. We have some preview pages for you below in out gallery so head down to check them out and hopefully you’ll pick up a copy of this “blast from the past” style of comic.

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