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The New Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Bundle

After Nintendo’s shock announcement of the Nintendo 2DS earlier today, there was also some great news for people looking to buy Nintendo’s home console the Wii U. Nintendo America today announced a $50 price drop for the Wii U which will come into effect when the newly announced The Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker HD Deluxe Bundle releases on September 20. This means that the digital version of the game will be available 2 weeks before the physical version hits store shelves. Both the Wind Waker Bundle and standard Wii U Deluxe models will retail for the same price upon release. The Wind Waker Bundle will not include a copy of the game NintendoLand, which is packaged with standard Deluxe models.

The timing of the price drop and bundle are no coincidence, as they come ahead of the release of competitor’s consoles the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo are obviously hoping that this can give them a bit of an edge coming into the holiday season, as it is no secret the Wii U is struggling to sell, falling far behind sales of the original Nintendo Wii at the same time in its retail life.


That’s one nice looking Gamepad!

The Wind Waker HD Bundle will include a Deluxe Wii U Console, a code to download The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD from the Nintendo e-Shop as well as a code to download the Hyrule Hystoria, which will also be in digital form. The Hyrule Historia is an encyclopedia detailing all aspects of The Legend of Zelda Series as well as the previously unknown Zelda timeline, which places each game at a specific spot in the series. As you can see from the picture above, the Wii U Gamepad is no orgdinary Gamepad and features the Zelda crest, gold Wind Waker like markings on the edges and gold button labels as opposed to the standard white.

The price drop and bundle have only been confirmed for the North American region at this time but it has been confirmed the game will not be releasing early in digital form in the European market, with both the physical and digital copy of the game being made available on October 4. A recent press release confirmed Australia will unfortunately not be receiving the bundle or the price cut. Check out our previous article to see what’s changed in this enhanced version of The Wind Waker and let us know if this has altered your decision to purchase Nintendo’s latest home console.

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