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Capsule Computers podcast 009 is up and running, we’re finally back into the swing of things with our most recent up to date podcast. This weeks episode on the show we have Dustin, Linkage and MasterAbbott bringing you all the latest news, reviews and video game ramblings along with some background music from this years Eurovision Song Contest (courtesy of Linkage).

Listen in as we go through what we’re playing this week, such as Brink, SEGA’s THOR (XBOX) and (DS), Yar’s Revenge, of course QUAKE (that’s the only game Link plays), Avadon, Diablo 2, Gears 3 Beta, Order & Chaos and a few more.  We speak briefly about Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter IV (MasterAbbott wants a 6 HOUR Story Mode – CAPCOM please hear my Prays), the Nintendo 3DS titles we want and also the delay of the Nintendo E-Store.  The Playstation Network is Finally BACK !! Woo Hoo !!  We also go through our reviews for the week such as Brink, Gatling Gears, Bangio-O HD, Puzzle Bobble Universe 3D, The Conduit 2 and a few more.

Thanks for listening and let us know what you thought of it 🙂



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