Gears Of War 3 BETA Video Gameplay

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Gears Of War 3 online multiplayer BETA has finally been unleashed upon the world.  So far Team Deathmatch (Ranked and Public are only available) but this is keeping us all very busy. There are currently only two available maps Thrashball (football field) and Checkout (small shopping mall) – both a relatively small.  The video game play runs you through two rounds of Thrashball.

So far searching for matches especially ranked ones take quite a long time as the game does some sort of quality check to make sure your matched up with players in your area /country to eliminate any possibility of lag.  Unfortunately at the moment matching you up with players of similar level and skill is not possible, so you might end up in a game with a group of level 25’s that run around destroying everyone with one shot kills with their shotguns and are near next to impossible to take down.   This happened a few times and our pitiful little group of level 1 to 5’s were destroy 14 respawns  zip.

Team Deathmatch on both maps starts both teams off with 15 re-spawns a piece.  Die and you draw a resource point from the re-spawn pool. Once you deplete your re-spawns, the remaining players on the team are left to survive  in a sudden death situation where if you die you’re out of the game /round.  When the final player is eliminated the round ends and the fun starts all over again.  Team Deathmatch is first to three and from playing approx 40+ games so far the first few games took a while, but now as the players get better and better a rounds can be finished in less than 3 mins.

The video gameplay below will give you a greater understanding on how everything works from gameplay to also the Stats and Award / Challenges that you can unlock by performing specific kills etc within the game.  Sit back and enjoy the video game play of MasterAbbott getting owned.  (at least I didn’t end up last)  😉


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