GAMEVIL discounts games on Android



GAMEVIL will release three new games onto the Droid marketplace.  And, as a thank you, they are discounting all their old ones! Here are the prices:

ZENONIA: $5.99->$2.99

Baseball Superstars 2010: $4.99->$2.99

Soccer Superstars: $4.99->$2.99

ZENONIA 2 will be coming soon and it will feature four customizable character classes, skill effects, an extensive storyline and asynchronous online PvP multiplayer.

Baseball Superstars 2011 will include six different modes including My League, Season, Exhibition, Homerun Race, Mission and Match Play.  New & updated visuals, and customization will also be in there.

TouchMix is a rhythm action game that will challenge gamers to choose combinations of multiple instruments and play them via finger tap game play. The title will later be expanded with new songs for the global audience.

“Google Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms, so the demand for high-quality titles continues to grow as well,” said Kyu Lee, Head of GAMEVIL USA. “We hope to reach a broader audience in more genres and markets than ever before.”

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