Live stream – request and random


Well, as I promised, I will be streaming what I play today, possibly taking intermittent breaks here or there as life rears its ugly and inevitable head.  Admittedly, there was but one comment for a stream request, though as I said, I wasn’t expecting much.  I will be streaming Katamari Forever for a bit, switching up the game every now and then as one can only play so much Katamari until repetition beats you into submission, though I will constantly come back to Katamari for a jaunt or two.  Again, if the concept of being able to see a game of your choice played by a person who is fairly skilled and knowledgeable intrigues you in any way for whatever reason, click on over to this article to take a look at what I have to offer and comment accordingly.  Until then, enjoy what I do if it pleases you.  If it doesn’t, then what are you doing still reading this? Off with you sir or madam!

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