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“Kill it With Fire 2” Slays Spiders in Space in Steam Early Access 16 April, Debuts Devlog Series Today

Casey Donnellan offers a first look into the madness behind popular spider-slaying franchise

SEATTLE – 4 April, 2024 – Kill It With Fire 2, the sci-fi inspired sequel to the first-person spider-hunter from developer Casey Donnellan Games and publisher tinyBuild, takes extermination to outer space on Steam Early Access for PC on Tuesday, 16 April, 2024. To quench the killing thirst, Casey Donnellan premieres the first developer diary in a new series featuring an inside look at what’s to come.

Watch the new devlog here!

Learn how the first title’s massive success led to the sequel’s creative choices. Delve into the inspirations that influenced the broadening of the in-game world to go interdimensional, embrace multiplayer, and more, with a first look into the highly-anticipated sequel development process and the philosophy behind its creation. 

Exterminate the lil’ creeps across the multiverse. Squash new species across the spacetime continuum and in otherworldly locations like the Spider City and Haunted Mansion, each with its own set of challenges, weaponry, and discoveries.

Find new ways to slay with fresh gameplay mechanics, like potion brewing in the Artois Manor. Search every nook and cranny to locate missing ingredients and concoct special brews to enhance extermination. Complete objectives, including slaying certain breeds of spiders, to unlock abilities with the all-new weapon upgrade feature. 

Casey heard the huge demand for multiplayer: Kill it With Fire 2 encourages friends to slay together with two brand new modes: Spider Hunt and Campaign Co-op. Team up with three friends to tackle the game’s campaign or engage in a toe-to-toe… to-many-other toes battle between Spider and Exterminator. Exterminators must eliminate rival player spiders without completely destroying the map, whereas spider players scramble to survive until time runs out.

Freely explore four levels in the upcoming Early Access with three Spider Hunt Mode levels. Search the game’s hub-world, the Vindicator, for clues as to what’s coming next in future updates.

Kill It With Fire 2 arrives on Steam Early Access for PC on Tuesday, 16 April, 2024. It will offer English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language support.

To stay up to date with the latest updates, visit Kill It With Fire’s official website and follow @tinyBuild and @KIWF_Game on Twitter.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer-publisher you can’t miss. Our dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world. The company has released dozens of games, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and more. Although headquartered in the Seattle Area, USA, the company has established a strong global presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, Latvia, and throughout Eastern Europe.

About Casey Donnellan Games

Casey Donnellan is an independent game developer and former AAA developer. After graduating from SMU Guildhall in 2012, he spent several years as an engineer at Certain Affinity before helping to found Rooster Teeth Games. Shipped titles include DOOM (2016), RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Vicious Circle, and Age of Booty: Tactics. Casey lives with his wife, dog, and two cats in Austin, Texas. He does not like spiders.