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Pink Moon Studios to open community playtest for anticipated KMON game World of Kogaea

Playtest will allow early player access to Pink Moon’s Revolutionary Web3 MMORPG Experience

9th May 2024: Pink Moon Studios, the visionary studio behind the groundbreaking KMON franchise, today announces the upcoming community playtest of its highly anticipated cross-platform MMORPG: World of Kogaea. The playtest – Assault on Poachers’ Lodge – marks a significant milestone in the development of the KMON gaming universe, offering players the opportunity to contribute to the build of the unique world before the full game launch later this year. 

The playtest opens to players globally on 9th May 2024, 3 pm UTC. It is accessible via this link: https://www.kryptomon.co/wok-preview

The trailer for the dungeon is available below:

Players will face the ultimate challenge in World of Kogaea’s dungeons, where they can delve into as-yet-unseen depths, battle epic bosses, and fight to emerge victorious. In WoK’s dungeons players will go up against a series of increasingly difficult bosses, including a variety of mobs, alongside a team of living Kryptomons. Within the dungeon, the WoK community must collaborate and strategise to upskill, complete levels and win unique loot. 

A $50,000 Prize Pool for the most brave and skilled players 

All players who join the Community Playtest will compete in two leaderboards with a prize pool of $50,000, which will be paid in the $KMON in-game currency. The first leaderboard will be ranked based on number of dungeon completions. 

The second leaderboard ranks players based on the amount of collected raffle tickets which can be earned by killing creatures, bosses and mobs in the dungeon and the open world. These raffle tickets can be used to enter the big prize giveaway at the end of the playtest. 

As the cherry on the top, all players who complete the daily quest earn unique Pink Moon Shard NFTs, worth up to $150. 

In World of Kogaea, players are transported to a captivating realm where humans and the elemental creatures Kryptomon coexist in harmony. Drawing inspiration from beloved classic MMO World of Warcraft and beloved character-based Pokémon, this cross-platform MMORPG promises an unforgettable gaming experience enhanced by cutting-edge blockchain technology.

The playtest invites you to explore the enchanting landscapes of Kogaea, and embark on epic quests with their Kryptomon companions who each have their unique DNA, capabilities and elemental powers. Together the community can engage in dynamic gameplay that transcends traditional web2 boundaries.

The Trainer Hub – a unique versatile Web3 toolkit

Connecting the entirety of the gameplay for users, Pink Moon Studios has developed an innovative new companion tool called the Trainer Hub. The Hub acts as a one-stop shop where players can access all games, sell or buy items and Kryptomons on the marketplace with other players, and evolve their pets into juniors or adults. 

The Trainer Hub enables players to level up their items in the crafting shop and breed new Kryptomons, empowering users to increase their team and control the total supply of the ecosystem. 

An Introduction to the KMON Franchise

Within the KMON Franchise you’ll find three Web3-powered triple-A games centered around living Kryptomons. These are digital creatures, living on the blockchain – each with its own DNA, capabilities and elemental powers – that allow you access to play all games: World of Kogaea (MMORPG), Genesis (Turn-based RPG), and Pink Moon (AR-powered Treasurehunt).

The playtest will open to players globally on 9th May 2024. It is accessible via this link: https://www.kryptomon.co/wok-preview.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi, Founder and CEO of Pink Moon Studios, says “Our vision at Pink Moon Studios transcends traditional gameplay; we’re crafting not just a game, but a universe— with our cross-platform Web3 MMO World of Kogaea as the launch pad. We aim to create a living, breathing world where players’ actions have a real impact, fostering a community that thrives on creativity and collaboration. Our journey with KMON is about crafting an aspirational future where every boundary is pushed, and every horizon expanded. We’re excited by the launch of the playtest as it gives players a unique first glance to explore the game and their opportunity to control its future development.”

Brian Bento, Chief Product Officer and SVP Development at Pink Moon Studios, says “At the heart of our MMO’s seamless multiplayer experience is what we call ‘networking magic,’ a powerful technology inspired by diverse fields from missile defence to medical imaging. Our algorithms utilize advanced 3D spatial hashmaps for data synchronization, ensuring a seamless, zero-lag multiplayer experience even with a high number of users online simultaneously. The concept is visualized as a giant cube made up of smaller Rubik’s cubes, where each player is at the center of their cube. The game’s algorithms dynamically sync data based on the proximity of other players within these cubes. As players move away from the center, data is synchronized less frequently, optimizing performance and scalability.  This innovative approach ensures that our players’ experiences are smooth and immersive, no matter the scale of action around them, which they can trial in this playtest.”

About Pink Moon Studios
Founded in 2021, Pink Moon Studio is a team of experienced gamers and hardcore tech team focused on delivering triple-A games with the power of Web3 technologies. Currently working on the first franchise KMON, and its living Kryptomons, followed and supported by a community of over 200K players who value our seamless, uncompromised player-first approach.

By leveraging blockchain technology, it gives back asset ownership to gamers and aligns (monetary) incentives. All without compromising the fun and quality of gameplay. 

The KMON Franchise centers around the living Kryptomons. These are digital creatures, living on the blockchain – each with its own DNA, capabilities and elemental powers. With a Kryptomon you can access and play all games in the KMON Franchise. Games in the franchise include World of Kogaea, Genesis and Pink Moon.