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Fighting Game-Inspired Combo RPG “Designated Demigod” Pummels PC and Consoles in 2025

COLUMBUS, OH — May 8, 2024 — Designated Demigod, a turn-based combo RPG about stringing together flashy attacks, developed by AN Productions and published by Armor Games Studios, delivers a Spin Kick on consoles and PC via Steam in 2025.  

Orphaned by a catastrophic explosion at the Mountain Research Center 15 years earlier, protagonist Signy becomes suspicious when tremors re-emerge near her village. Convinced another disaster looms, Signy and her trusted pup Mino set out toward the research center where, unbeknownst to them, scientist Dr. Stelzer has awakened the resentful Mountain God, Auger.

Dance around in delightful combo-heavy combat, toggling between Signy and Mino as you fling foes into the air with Mino’s Nose Launch, unleash Signy’s blazing Firestorm, and deliver a devastating follow-up finisher. Execute intricately timed attacks, layering movesets to land the perfect blow and eliminate Dr. Stelzer’s underlings. Craft spectacular combos alongside your canine companion, with all of the fighting game flashiness in distinctly original turn-based RPG fashion.

Explore a vast overworld ripe with diverse biomes, navigating underground tunnels, scaling beachside cliffs, infiltrating the sinister Research Center, and uncovering the mysteries of the Mirror Temple. Encounter peculiar and memorable NPCs along the way, including Baba, Signy’s caring grandmother, ex-gods, a cursed former warrior, and many more. 

Take on godlike responsibilities as the world rests its hopes unduly upon Signy’s shoulders, and experience the tale of an underdog heroine in an adventure full of perseverance, heart, and determination, all accompanied by gorgeous hand-drawn character art and striking 3D environments.

Designated Demigod is a heartfelt adventure tackling themes of hardship while highlighting the unspoken burdens of becoming the hero,” said Shawn Tanner, Owner and Lead Developer at AN Productions. “I’ve always dreamed of creating a turn-based RPG incorporating fighting game mechanics without the technical barrier associated with the genre, so I hope fans and newcomers of both genres find something to love here.” 

Designated Demigod arrives on PC via Steam and consoles in 2025. For more information, follow Designated Demigod, AN Productions, and Armor Games Studios on Twitter/X, and visit the official game website

About AN Productions

AN Productions has been creating games for over two decades, mostly in the web and mobile space. Their past titles include Soda Dungeon, Territory War, and the Escape Series. Designated Demigod is their first commercial and console release. 

About Armor Games Studios

From its roots as a popular portal for online gaming, Armor Games Studios is a publisher that aims to work directly with and help foster talented indie developers to create unique and engaging games of all types for all platforms. For more information, visit www.armorgamesstudios.com, and follow the company on Twitter @ArmorGameStudio.