Shenmue III Video Highlights “Useless Stuff”

More to life than just revenge.

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The Shenmue series may have its core storyline and critical path that players follow throughout each game but one thing that both game sin the series excel at is making sure there are plenty of random things players can do instead.

Shenmue III will be no slouch in this regard as the latest video from Ys Net and Deep Silver shows off a number of things players can do in the game and this ranges from opening up every drawer in a cabinet and looking inside, buying capsule toys, changing clothes, going fishing, and of course moving things with heavy machinery. You can check out the video below (with English closed-caption options) and keep an eye out for Shenmue III when it is released on the PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19th.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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