The Surge Prepares for Launch with New Trailer

The Surge out for PS4, Xbox One, Windows on May 16

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Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 will be releasing the action RPG The Surge next week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. A launch trailer is out ahead of the May 16th. The video starts with an ad for CREO. We soon find our hero Warren trapped in a series of 1 vs 1 battles for his survival against a mysterious force that has taken over the CREO facility as he narrates his journal entries.

The Surge is set in a future where the world has been crippled by climate change and overpopulation. Humans have been reduced to manual labour in Exo-suits that increase their physical capacity. CREO has promised to reverse the ills of climate change, but Warren’s first day at CREO quickly turns into a nightmare. He wakes up in a hell where industrial machines have been repurposed for violence and fellow human workers have fallen into a bloodthirsty madness. Warren’s survival will hinge on the player’s decision to risk danger for better equipment as resources dwindle.

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