Love Live Sunshine Worldwide Poster Girl Illustrations Released

Fan poll produces new outfits for each girl in their respective region

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Following a vote late last year the illustrations for the Love Live Sunshine!! Worldwide Poster Girl poll have been released. Each girl has been styled in a new outfit to match the region they have been assigned as per the fans vote. The illustrations will be on sale in the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School Store International in Summer 2017, along with the illustrations making an appearance in the School Idol Festival app.

The results for poll are as follows:

Chika Takami: Taiwan

Riko Sakurauchi: Germany

Kanan Matsuura: Australia

Dia Kurosawa: Singapore

You Watanabe: China

Yoshiko Tsushima: The UK

Hanamaru Kunikida: Thailand

Mari Ohara: USA

Ruby Kurosawa: Korea

This news comes shortly after the successful release of Aqours latest single release ‘Happy Party Train’, which is currently available for pre-order from Madman.

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