Overwatch Short Film “The Last Bastion” Released at gamescom 2016

Everyone's favourite/hated robotic turret of doom is starring in its very own 7 minute film

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Blizzard’s legendary animation department is at it again! A brand new short film for Overwatch entitled “The Last Bastion” has been released, joining previous films starring Winston, Tracer, Hanzo, and Soldier 76. The film saw its debut at the Blizzard stage at gamescom 2016.

“The Last Bastion” follows Bastion’s journey as the robot soldier wakes up after being disabled in a forest for over a decade and begins to marvel at the natural world around it. All is not well, as Bastion’s programming still has it primed for war against the humans. Told without a single word, “The Last Bastion” is a beautiful story of curiosity, regret, and choosing one’s destiny.


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