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Dubbing Company MB VoiceWorks Is Closing

It was announced via Facebook that the dubbing production company MB VoiceWorks is closing down. Company founders Melanie Ehrlich and Brittany Lauda made this decision in order to focus on their solo careers. They announced in early 2015 that they were working with Media Blasters to dub Holy Knight in English. It was the first ever dub produced in-house for Media Blasters.

Melanie will be moving to Los Angeles. She is appearing in the Hollywood film Downsizing, the Netflix series The OA and in one episode of Abso Lutely Productions’ Decker: The Series. Brittany will remain as the head of Media Blasters’ dubbing department. Brittany has worked on Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!My Wife Is the Student Council President and some of Rio: Rainbow Gate.

K. Roberts
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