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Toei Animation Announces the Main English Dub Cast for ‘World Trigger’

Earlier today, Toei Animation announced the main members of the English dub cast for the World Trigger anime. The list is as follows (character/actor):

  • Osamu Mikumo – Brian Doe
  • Yuma Kuga – Cathy Weseluck
  • Chika Amatori – Caitlyn Bairstow
  • Yuichi Jin – Andrew Francis
  • Replica – Marco Soriano

These voice actors have varying levels of experience working with anime voice acting. This is Caitlyn Bairstow’s first anime role, and Brian Doe’s second anime role. His first role was in LBX. Marco Soriano has had two other roles: a one-off role in the Master Keaton OVA and a role in Cross Fight B-Daman eS. Andrew Francis and Cathy Weseluck have had significant experience in anime voice acting. Cathy Weseluck may be known more recently as the voice of Near in the English dub of Death Note.

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