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The List of Madman’s Manga Releases of April 20, 2016

Madman Entertainment has several manga releases coming out in Australia this week. All of the following titles will officially be available beginning this Wednesday, April the 20th.

  • Bleach Volume 66
  • Dragon Ball (3-in-1 Omnibus Edition) Volume 12
  • Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume 9
  • Nisekoi Volume 14
  • One Piece (3-in-1 Omnibus Edition) Volume 15
  • One Punch Man Volume 5
  • Pokemon XY Volume 6
  • Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Omnibus Edition) Volume 13
  • Seraph of the End Volume 8
  • Skip Beat! Volume 36
  • The World’s Greatest First Love Volume 3
  • Tokyo Ghoul Volume 5
  • World Trigger Volume 9
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Volume 8

A DVD and Blu-ray release of the 25-episode Skip Beat! anime series was recently crowd-funded in North America. After a failed Indiegogo campaign, Pied Piper relaunched the campaign on Kickstarter. This led to the campaign being successfully funded three days before the month-long campaign ended.

Madman Entertainment has the license to release the anime adaptations of many of these series on home video. These include BleachDragon BallNisekoiOne Piece and Tokyo Ghoul.

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