Sega Release New Logo for Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

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Sonic is a franchise we all love and is best compared to an electric wire. You can appreciate it from afar for all of the deeds it has done for you, but if you grab it – you may pay for it. This article isn’t about the few duds in the past two years with Sonic however, as it truly is time to celebrate. Sega have released a shiny new logo for the mascot’s 25th anniversary and it is pretty exciting stuff.

I personally can’t see the year going by without getting a new Sonic title of some sort, be it a collection featuring the mostly wonderful Generations with the classics thrown in or the often rumored “Sonic Adventure 3” that will probably never happen, I am extremely optimistic for the blue hedgehog’s future in 2016. For now this is just a logo, but who knows, this might be the logo we see plastered on a great little game in the future.

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