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Highschool Possession Visual Novel Set for December 9th

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AJTilley has announced that they have a new visual novel set to be released on PC on December 9th. This one happens to be called Highschool Possession and follows a boy named Hikaru who lives a fairly simple life. That all changes when a strange force causes him to switch bodies with his classmates. Of course, rather than switching randomly, he happens to leap into the bodies of both of his crushes, the two school idols Akiko and Kasumi.

While this might seem like a great twist of fate, it soon takes a darker turn as Hikaru realizes that the two girls he previously saw as perfect have secrets of their very own and to make matters worse he has no idea how to get back to his own body or what caused the switching in the first place. When released Highschool Possession will be available in All-Ages through Steam or featuring Adult Content on MangaGamer where the title can currently be pre-ordered for $10.95.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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