Rockstar Editor Coming to Grand Theft Auto V PC

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Rockstar Games genuinely wants to make it clear that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is going to be the definitive edition. First, those 4K screenshots. Then, the trailer presented in gorgeous 60 frames-per-second. And now, just a day before this version is to be released, Rockstar hits us with the new Rockstar Editor!


What is Rockstar Editor, you ask?

Yes, that’s right. Rockstar has created video editing software for Grand Theft Auto V‘s Story mode as well as Grand Theft Auto Online and built it right into the PC edition. Players will be able to record and edit video taken from the game as well as use Director Mode to create their own stories with whatever style they want. Then, they will be able to upload their videos to either YouTube or Rockstar Games Social Club right from Rockstar Editor.


But the best part of this news is that Rockstar Editor will be available for use when the game is released tomorrow, April 14. I think it’s time for PC gamers to apologize for all the mean things they said about Rockstar Games. Go ahead…you know who you are.

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