Kalypso Media Releases Game World Trailer for Grand Ages: Medieval

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Kalypso Media has released a new trailer for their upcoming RTS title, Grand Ages: Medieval, today. The trailer is a look into an impressively large world, showcasing some of the terrain and natural disasters which can occur in-game. The in-game world looks beautiful, even in it’s early alpha status. The strategy game will be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game is an ambitious take on the RTS genre, offering players the ability to freely explore and develop their own Empire across a hugely sized Europe. Based on the features listed below, the game looks to be a more in-depth game than titles such as Civilization, focusing more on strategic placement of cities and trade routes across Europe.



  • Explore a gigantic game world of over 20 million square kilometers, plot strategically where to found important cities and defend your kingdom against foreign powers
  • Raise an army and fight your opponents with knights, archers and cavalry
  • Produce and trade 20 different goods to meet the demands of your citizens and soldiers: such as coal, fruits and pottery
  • Research and utilize 50 major technological advancement of the Middle Ages: including the three-field crop rotation, the low warp loom or the longbow
  • Face devastating natural disasters like storms, fires, volcanoes, droughts, earthquakes… or even the Black Death
  • Challenging Multiplayer Mode for up to 8 players via network and online

Warfare and technology trees also are to play a large role in the game, which takes place from the year 1050 A.D. onward. Players will start as a mayor of a small township, and progress to as large an empire as they are capable of building. The star of the new trailer is of course the large-scale recreation of Europe. We’ll certainly see if it can live up to the title of a “civilization simulator” once this game is launched in 2015, although Kalypso has had much luck with it’s “dictator simulator” series, Tropico.