El Presidente Announces Tropico 5 Release Date

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Rejoice my fellow citizens! Kalypso Media’s Caribbean Island dictator-simulation series, Tropico, is confirmed to have a new installment developed by Haemimont Games on the 23rd of May with a global release of Tropico 5 on PC. The tropical city building strategy-simulation game will also make an appearance on the Xbox360, Mac, Linux, and PS4 at a later date.

A snazzy new website has also launched today which showcase some of the new elements of gameplay as well as providing a platform for benevolent El Presidente to give his inspiring propaganda videos (my favourite of which you can find below). There are also propaganda photos (screenshots) to showcase the Utopian nation that is Tropico and where everyone always votes for El Presidente (if they know what’s good for them). A link to the website can be found here for all those interested in immigrating.


A number of new gameplay features are being added in to Tropico 5, including the addition of a dynasty management element. Finally, El Presidente will be able to give his half-wit sons the positions of power they’ve always dreamed of! This element also allows for a larger temporal scope for the game, with players taking control of an island through the generations, from colonisation to the modern day as one family. There also appears to be new mechanics for trade and multiplayer (How will the world handle MULTIPLE El Presidentes?).

How exactly all these elements will fit into the Tropico formula is yet to be seen, but you can certainly put me down as a vote for El Presidente. VIVA TROPICO! VIVA EL PRESIDENTE!

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