The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets an Action-Packed Launch Trailer

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Oh yes, Spider-Man. How we loved many of his games, mainly due to the quality of the developers we have seen behind the products in the past few years. Beenox have been on quite a role with the series with Activision, trying to find that perfect formula during the past few years for the hero, and nearly nailing it everytime.

Today, the launch trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has emerged, showing off many off the mast members that will be making a comeback in digital form, such as Venom, Gwen Stacy, Kingpin, Goblin, and more. Check it out below, and you can pick up the game for nearly every system sans the Vita as of today. Its a big city to explore, and I have a hunch that Beenox have yet again strung this spider in the right direction.

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