Rogue-like Platformer Skyhill Kicks off IndieGoGo Campaign

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Russian indie developers The Mandragora have brought their rogue-like platformer Skyhill to IndieGoGo in hopes of raising $15,000 to fund development. Players begin stuck in their penthouse suite of the Skyhill Hotel after a biological catastrophe. Beastly creatures that were previously human now roam the halls along with hazards that block the way. Players will need to wander around the hotel to scavenge for supplies and crafting materials in a desperate attempt to survive. There are three playable characters planned at this time.

To help raise awareness for their crowdfunding campaign, The Mandragora have released a playable demo of Skyhill. It can be found on the official Skyhill IndieGoGo page. Be sure to also vote for Skyhill on Steam Greenlight.

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