Good Smile Company Teases “Trainer Red” Nendoroid Figure

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Good Smile Company” – a Japanese manufacturer of hobby products, most famous for their line of “super deformed” figurines, as well as others – today announced their next “Nendoroid” product and it’s one that is sure to get old-school “Pokemon” fans from around the world super excited!

Trainer Red will be the next figurine the company will be releasing and it may possibly be one of their best. Late last year the world was blessed with the short series “Pokemon Origins” which followed the original trainer (Red) on his adventure to be the very best. Well one can only assume this piece of merchandise has been in the works since the series’ release because the Red “Nendoroid” figurine is based upon the Red we all saw in the mini-series.


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The figurine will come with three interchangeable facial expressions, four arms parts, five hand parts, three leg parts, the original starter “Pokemon” featured in generation one (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander), a “Pokeball”, a “Masterball”, a “Pokedex” and the trainer’s backpack. The “Trainer Red” figurine will only be sold in “Pokemon Centers” around Japan and through the “” website, both of which will be selling it for 4,500yen.

The preorder period is set to begin on the 24th of May and will continue up until the 29th of June with the actual release date being on the 27th of September so you’ve got some time before you need to rush onto the web to import yourself one of these fine pieces of “Pokemon” merchandise.

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