Lethal Lance Set to Hit iOS Devices May 1st

News Platformer Bulkypix iPad iPhone

The name speaks for itself

Game developer LL Team and Bulkypix have banded together to create Lethal Lance, set to launch on May 1st for iOS devices. Reminiscent of old school platformers, a recurring theme nowadays (*cough* Mighty No. 9 *cough*), this game does include one small upgrade to the classic formula: a shotgun. Eviscerate your foes with this powerful weapon and carve yourself a path to the end of each of the 32 levels. With 4 environments altering the terrain, there’s plenty of opportunity to admire the scenery whilst blasting your enemies away. For those more competitive at heart, Lethal Lance will utilise the Game Center and allow players to compete with their friends.

So until May 1st rolls around, you’ll have to make do with the screenshots below. It’s not much, but it should get you excited for some gunslingin’ platformin’ adventures. I wish all side scrollers had shotguns…

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