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More Early Footage Released For Keiji Inafune’s “Mighty No. 9”


Coming straight from the “Game Developers Conference” comes a brand-new video for the upcoming action/platformer “Mighty No. 9”. Keiji Inafune and his awesome team over at “Comcept” (who are in charge of production for “Mighty No. 9”) released a nice 3-minute video for the GDC that not only shows us some extremely early footage of the game in action but it also takes us through the characters/bosses for the game.

From Mighty No. 1 to our hero Mighty No. 9 (codename: Beck), this short video takes us through each and every one of them, detailing their battle styles and their “powers”, giving fans of the upcoming game a bunch more insight into the world of “Mighty No. 9”. The game is looking more and more like Megaman with every piece of information or footage that gets released, the fantastic thing is that it looks brilliant, the way I assume Megaman would have looked if it continued as a game series up until this point.

Us here at Capsule Computers are extremely excited for this new Keiji Inafune title and we’d like to share that excitement with you so head down below to check out the new footage for “Mighty No. 9” and don’t forget to head to our comments section below to let your voice be heard!