Tekken Card Tournament Set to Receive Major Update

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Thought there were no more updates? Hwoarang you were

Namco Bandai has announced that their online card battler Tekken Card Tournament is set to receive a major update this April. This overhaul will add a bundle of new content to the title as a kind of thank you to the fans who have downloaded it and bought the physical cards.

Tekken Card Tournament 2.0 will see the introduction to the game of legendary Tekken stalwart Hwoarang, bringing his Taekwondo moves to the game with a swathe of spectacular character effects to match. The update will also include a item shop chock full of new character enhancing items, along with a character viewer to scope out your Tekken favourites. Team features will also receive an improvement, including descriptions, team buffs, shop and stats. Fell free to test these out within the new special tournaments, each with specific entry criteria.

So take the fight to the streets and download Tekken Card Tournament now from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. Or, should you be so inclined, simply play instantly in your browser. Either way, test your mettle and strategise to stand above all who oppose you (Or just use this card guide). Check out the trailer below and marvel at what technology has done. I mean who wouldn’t want their own little Heihachi?

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