New Matrix Trilogy to Explore Pre-Neo Era?

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Was the Morpheus Kia Superbowl ad a sly case of foreshadowing?

That’s right, another Matrix rumor has started. Only this time, it comes from the frequently accurate (but not always) Latino Review, who state that a new Matrix trilogy is in the works and that the Wachowskis have already turned in early treatments and outlines to Warner Bros.

The source also claims that one of the budding concepts revolves around exploring the birth of the Matrix itself, and given how the Architect referred to Neo as not being the only ‘One’, I’d say there is a lot of potential in the idea. With that said, it is noted that the story direction is very fluid at this stage, and nothing is guaranteed; well, that’s the nature of a rumor, anyway. I’ve been clamouring for more entries in the series, which is amongst my favourites of any medium. I’ve also been telling anyone who will listen that this was inevitable for the same exact reasons LR stated; Warner Bros. needs a big franchise to compete with the upcoming Avatar and Star Wars sequels in 2015 and beyond, and the siblings’ post Matrix outings – Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas – bombed at the box office. And I’m sorry to say, but their forthcoming movie Jupiter Ascending may not fair much better (it could be another John Carter, but I hope I’m wrong).

How do you guys feel about this rumor? Are you exciting about the prospect of a prequel trilogy for The Matrix? Maybe you’d rather a sequel, or no new flick at all? Let us know in the comments below!


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