Naruto: Shippuden – Blood Prison to be released next week in North America

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naruto-shippuden-blood-prison-cover-artIn case you might have forgotten about the latest Naruto movie since Viz announced its release date last year, then here is a bit of a reminder for you. The next movie for Naruto: Shippuden, Blood Prison, is set to be released next week on February 18th on both Blu-ray and DVD. The DVD version will cost $19.98 U.S. / $24.98 CAN while the Blu-ray will be priced at $24.98 U.S. / $27.50 CAN.

Both versions of the release will include a full-color O-card with different artwork than what is featured on the case. As for the movie itself, Naruto is convicted of a major crime that he did not commit and has been sent to an inescapable prison named Hozuki Castle. Naruto’s chakra is sealed away by the warden, Mui, but even with this detriment he still plans his escape while also befriending fellow inmates Ryuzetsu and Maroi. However not every friend can be trusted, especially those met in a jail such as Hozuki Castle…

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