Monster Legacy Heading to App Store

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What will yours be?

Outplay Entertainment (maker of the popular Word Trick) has announced that their new monster collecting and battling game, Monster Legacy, will be hitting the App Store soon. If you’re a fan of secret dungeons, clever puzzles and capturing a over 100 unique monsters to use for battle, you may just enjoy this game.

Monster Legacy will send players on a journey chock full of quests, as they are forced to overcome various puzzles in perilous dungeons scattered across the world of Arborea. The numerous monsters that roam these cavernous caves can be captured, trained and evolved, all with the goal of bringing down Evil Lord Ardur. He’s the bad guy. The game itself is free-to-play and offers more than 20 levels and 70 quests, making for hours of gameplay that may or may not be addictive.

Though no release date is concrete, expect Monster Legacy to be gracing the App Store shortly. In the meantime, check out the screenshots and trailer below to get you in a monster catching, puzzle completing, cave exploring mood.

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