WildStar Reveals New Class: The Medic


On December 2nd, the Dev Speak team at Carbine Studios revealed the newest addition to WildStar’s class roster, the Medic! Armed with resonators (a class-specific weapon), probes, fields, and other wacky gizmos, the Medic allows players to heal his allies and damage his enemies with a press of a button. The Medic in WildStar is a medical genius focused on assisting allies by regenerating their health or destroying his enemies with unique combat skills. You can find more information on the Medic here.

The latest class fully revealed is the Medic, bringing the total count of fully revealed classes up to 5. The last one that’s still in shrouded in mystery is the Engineer. However, based on the trends that WildStar has set in place, it won’t be surprising to see the engineer as a completely unique and versatile class. WildStar is being published by NCSoft and they’re planning on releasing it in the spring of 2014. The MMORPG will be exclusive to the PC. Check out the video below for more information on the Medic class!

What do you think of WildStar? Do you think it’ll be able to compete with the current crop of MMORPGs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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